Kristy Thomure

Kristy is CFO’s Fitness Journey Coach!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and PNL1 certified, who made a career change to impact the world through healthy lifestyles. Kristy is an avid Crossfitter where she calls herself the underdog. Knowing she can only control what goes into her body she has formed a fresh approach to the realities of life with fitness and nutrition. Offering people a new chance to make the change they have always wanted.

She is a former couch potato gone fit and she doesn’t believe in diets! Her goal as a fitness coach is to create habits and lifestyle changes to help people eat more fresh, real food and get their bodies moving.

Kristy’s main focus and number one goal is to help newer individuals feel more comfortable and confident with their new lifestyle of working out and fueling their bodies!


Training new members
Creating fun new recipes
Butterfly pull-ups

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