“Santa Gone Bad”

”Santa Gone Bad!” Partner wod “Santa Gone Bad” 3 rounds 1 min ground to overhead 135/95 1 min burpees 1 min wallballs 1 min pull-ups 1 min kb or db snatches 53/35 Rest 1 min One partner works at a time!

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Friday 20 min to build to a heavy Clean and jerk WOD 30 front squats 135/95rx, 155/105E Then 9-6-3 Shoulder to overhead 135/95rx, 155/105E chest to bars pull-ups rx, muscle ups E

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Strength 5 carries With KBs or DBs Overhead carry Front rack carry Farmer carry Complete each carry down and back without dropping KBs WOD Tabata Sit-ups Rest 4 min Cal row or cal bike

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Snatch take 20 minutes to build to today’s heavy single WOD Run 800m 9 hang power snatches Run 400m 15 hang power snatches Run 200m 21 hang power snatches *use 55%-60% of today’s heavy single

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Back Squats 7×5 building WOD 5 min amrap “Cindy” 1 min rest 4 min amrap “Cindy” 1 min rest 3 min amrap “Cindy” 1 min rest 2 min amrap “Cindy” 1 min rest 1 min amrap “Cindy” Pick up each new amrap where you ended on the previous. Score is...

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5 super sets, maximum effort A)Strict Handstand push-ups B)Strict pull-ups *you can scale this up or down depending on your level with these movements. WOD “Death by Burpees” Minute 1 – 1 burpee Minute 2 – 2 burpees Minute 3 – 3...

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