20 minutes of snatch technique work WOD 4 rounds on the 3 minute 5 hang power snatch (60-70% of max power snatch) 10 no push up burpees 15 wallballs 20/14 *rest of time remains in your 3:00 block

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Deadlifts2 OTM x 10 Bench press2 OTM x 10 Optional accessory work4 rds5 strict toes to bar10 med ball toss each side15 barbell good mornings

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Strength/skill10 minutes of split jerk work WOD2 rounds400m jog10 deadlifts 135/9515 pushups20 ring row400m jog10 back squats 135/9515 alt wall plank20 plate ground to overhead 45/25400m jog10 push press 135/9515 ring or box dip10 strict pullup...

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Cossack squat3×6 ea leg Split squat3×6 each leg Tempo box squat (with dbs in front rack):03 down :03 up4×6 Single arm shoulder press3×6 each arm Tempo dB bench or floor press:03 down :03 up4×6 Side plank with reach...

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40 handstand push-ups10 ground to overhead40 burpees10 ground to overhead40 box jumps10 ground to overhead40 kettlebell swings10 ground to overhead40 lunges10 ground to overhead40 pull-ups10 ground to overhead40 wallballs 20/1410 ground to...

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Snatch Grip deadlift5×3 WOD4 roundsMin 1 – 15 ball slams 30/20Min 2 – 10 box jumps 24/20Min 3 – 15 kb swings 53/35Min 4 – rest *if time remains in each minute complete as many sit-ups or flutter kicks as possible

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Del – cfo rx25 Burpees400 meter Run25 Strict pullups400 meter Run25 Push-Ups400 meter Run25 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups400 meter Run25 Burpees Del – Elite25 Burpees400 meter Run (20/14 lb Medicine Ball)25 Weighted Pull-Ups (20/15 lb...

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3×5 (ea. Leg)Split squat or weighted lunges WOD5 rounds15/13 cal bike or row3 back squats @ 80% of 1 rm Elite: 315/225 *you may also sub cals for a 200m run

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2 position power snatch(High hang + hang)2-2-2-1-1-1 WODElite:Holleyman30 rft5 wallballs 20/143 HSPUs1 power clean 225/155 RX30 rft5 wallballs3 HSPUs1 power clean @ 70% of 1rm

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22 minutes go as far as possible: Run 200m (together)40 ground to overhead 95/65 (one athlete works at a time)Run 200m (together)30 ground to overhead 115/80 (one athlete works at a time)Run 200m (together)20 ground to overhead 135/95 (one...

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