10 EMOM1xClean and jerk Start at 60% and build each minute WOD18-15-12-9-6-3Toes to bar54-45-36-27-18-9Double unders

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Find a heavy set of 2 power snatches WOD21-15-9Deadlift 225/155rx 315/225ECal bike or row *you can sub cal bike for 400,300,200m runs

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Buy in400m farmers walk (one partner carries at a time) Then 10-20-30-40-30-20-10Clean and jerks 115/75Toes to barNo push-up burpees *while one parter is working, the other partner will rest :20 then complete a 200m row or run. Cash out400m...

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Deadlift5×2 WOD15 min amrap20 Russian kb swings 53/35400m run80 DU30 hand release pushups400m run80 plyo skier (2 45s)

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EMOM – 10 2 Turkish getups (L,R) WOD10 min AMRAP10 pushups20 sit-ups *at 2:00,4:00, 6:00, and 8:00 complete 10 box jumps

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5 roundsOdd object strengthDouble KB or DB farmers hold :20Double KB or DB front rack hold :20Double KB or DB overhead hold :20 *choose a weight you can complete the whole round unbroken with WOD4 rounds on the 3 minute9 strict pull ups21...

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9 min EMOMSnatchMin 1,2,3 – 2 snatches @ 60%Min 4,5,6 – 2 snatches @ 65%Min 7,8,9 – 2 snatches @ 70% 9 min EMOMClean and jerkMin 1,2,3 – 2 clean and jerk @ 60%Min 4,5,6 – 2 clean and jerk @ 65%Min 7,8,9 – 2...

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Row 1000m30 medball cleans 20/1420 pushups10 strict toes to bar60/50 cal bike30 air squats20 plank shoulder taps10 split stance good mornings (ea side)800 m run30 walking lunge steps20 ring row10 Kang squats This is a deload week

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Partner WOD Buy in: 2000m row Then 10 minute amrap10 thrusters 95/6510 kb swings 53/35 Then Cash out : 2000m bike *every 5 minutes complete 12 burpees, until WOD is completed!

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