Jonathan Ward

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!! 

You are celebrating a birthday – 0ops, I mean burpee-day.  So, let’s have a “Death by Burpees” WOD.  Best wishes for a great day and even better year.

Anniversary:  February 1, 2015
Birthday:  December 28

Favorite thing about our CFO box:
“Josh Finley’s massive arms.”
My favorite movement:
Bar muscle-ups
My least favorite movement:
Double unders
My favorite coach:
All of them
My favorite workout partner:
Rick Rohne and Joe Eickhorst
What I love/hate/both about CrossFit:
“Love the grind and supporting eachother. Hate jumping rope from the bottom of my soul.”
My favorite quote:
Phillipians 4:13
My favorite song or band that gets me pumped for workouts:
My favorite CrossFit athlete:
Fraser, Froning, Leblanc-Bazinet
Final comments:
2001 Trade Center Drive, St. Peters, MO 63376
(636) 542-8771
Open hours
Mon - Sat